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Anniversary congress 2022 for doctors and therapists


Building bridges in the complementary field

2 & 3 September, 2022

We warmly welcome you to the 2-day anniversary conference to mark the 40th anniversary of the NatuurApotheek and the 20+2 anniversary of the Hahnemann Apotheek with us physically. Several inspiring speakers from various fields will be present, focusing on the theme "Vitality of Life by Personalized Medicine". The anniversary conference takes place on Friday September 2 and Saturday September 3, 2022 in the Color Kitchen in Utrecht.


Building bridges between the various complementary or integral directions, between training and doctors and therapists, between conventional and complementary disciplines is thus one of our great challenges for the future in the health interest of the individual patient.

Enrichment of knowledge in each discipline, the transfer of knowledge between young and old, and knowledge of the various training courses can all contribute to a closer connection between the integral disciplines. The end result will be a happy patient who is brought back into balance in the shortest possible time with a customized therapy and who can therefore face life with renewed vitality.

We have an inspiring line-up renowned speakers from the various fields:

  • Chinese phytotherapy

  • Western phytotherapy

  • Homeopathy

  • Orthomolecular therapy & mycotherapy

  • Veterinary therapy

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